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Getting Started

Choose the service that best meets your needs by browsing the options below. Generally, I begin with a free 15-minute consult to understand your main goal(s) and for both of us to determine if we’d be a good fit to work together. If you have any questions or would like to book a session, contact me here.

Breakthrough Coaching Package

This can be a stand-alone session or the first session of your 1:1 Coaching program. The goal is the same: to spend 1½-2 hours discussing your work-life goals, what you’ve done thus far, what you think gets in the way of achieving your goals, your likes/dislikes in your work, your strengths, and areas for development. For entrepreneurs, we’ll also discuss your ideal client or market (if you know it). For those seeking executive/career coaching, we’ll talk about career goals and impediments. I may ask you to send me materials related to your business concern(s) and goal(s) in advance so I can familiarize myself and be more thoughtful and specific during our session.

In every breakthrough session I strive to help you become unstuck by identifying at least one block or important “aha” moment you haven’t realized. Examples include:

  • helping clients realize the underlying beliefs driving their procrastination habits or confidence blocks;
  • surfacing a hidden desire that led to a completely new business; or career path; and
  • adding clarity and depth to their business focus or elevator pitch. 

Often, a breakthrough session leads to a 1:1 Coaching relationship, where we’ll further discover and refine these insights into development plans, action plans and marketing strategies to grow your business and career.

This is for you if…

  • You’re a first-time client and want to see what it’s like to work with me
  • You’ve taken a coaching break and require a “booster” session to get back on track
  • You have one or two specific issues you need help getting clarity around
  • You need a strategic partner to brainstorm new ideas, options or strategies

What’s included…

  • 1½-2 hrs meeting (in-person, phone, video)
  • Detailed recap of key points and insights for you to follow up on
  • Suggested bite-sized action steps (Homework!)


1:1 Business Coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching builds on the themes and insights we identified in your Breakthrough Coaching Session. Each session is tailored to you, and designed to help you build the confidence, skills and strategies you need to reach your goals. I believe most of the solutions we seek are within us, but sometimes we need a little help listening. My job is to help you hear them.  Think of me as your compassionate, non-judgmental-with-a-dash-of-tough-love “guide on the side”.

I offer clients the option to purchase blocks of time in advance or to pay per session. There’s no long-term commitment.  I want you to work with me because you feel you are getting value and seeing results. Most people schedule 1-2 hour sessions every 1 or 2 weeks, but session length and frequency depends on each person.  

Past 1:1 clients have successfully:

  • Improved their business focus, time management, prioritization, organization, and confidence
  • Developed 1-2-and 3 year strategic plans including specific, measurable tactics
  • Driven growth through targeted messaging, marketing and promotional materials
  • Organized their business processes, projects, plans and even home offices!
  • Stopped being distracted by “shiny object syndrome” and learned to purchase and use only what they need

This is for you if you…

  • Feel stuck, overwhelmed or unfocused
  • Have tons of ideas but are unsure where to start or how to prioritize them
  • Need help getting organized, managing your time and building a plan that you’ll stick with
  • Are unsure the best way to market yourself and your business
  • Enjoy having a brainstorming and accountability partner

What’s included…

  • Regularly scheduled 1:1 meetings  (in-person, phone or video)
  • Email recap of key points (in-depth notes available for additional fee)
  • Prioritized homework suggestions
  • Email support between sessions

Resume Writing & Career Coaching

Call me a geek, but I enjoy writing resumes. I think it’s because I love getting to know the essence of people and helping them get the job they want. I’m especially good at reshaping resumes to highlight your skills and accomplishments while de-emphasizing any potential problems.  

I follow four main steps in crafting resumes:

  1. I’ll ask you to send me your resume in advance of our meeting.
  2. We’ll meet for 1½-2 hours by phone or video to discuss your employment history and career objectives in-depth. I will ask you to provide a job description if there is a particular position you are targeting, and I’ll give you suggestions for enhancing your resume.
  3. I create the first draft of your resume. Then we’ll meet again for 30-45 minutes to discuss the draft, focusing on accuracy and clarification of any questions/gaps. 
  4. I finalize your resume and send it to you electronically. After this point, any additional revisions (other than minor changes or typos) will incur additional fees.

Clients often choose to continue working with me for assistance in crafting cover letters, preparing for job interviews, or career coaching – especially as they transition into higher-level positions. As with my other coaching programs, I charge hourly for these services. 

Click here for Resume Rates & Packages



No two people are the same, and therefore, no two coaching relationships are the same. That’s why as an executive career coach, I tailor my approach to each client based on his/her individual needs, strengths, goals and business requirements. That’s also the “holistic” part of my coaching practice–I look at each person as a whole, and start where they are to build the skills they need to enhance job performance.  

That said--whether coaching members of the executive team, emerging leaders, or high potential employees not growing as fast as expected–common themes often surface. These may include: 

  • Identifying and correcting personal blind spots, self-limiting beliefs and less-than-productive habits
  • Improving communication, presentation, networking and strategic-thinking skills 
  • Building confidence and leadership capabilities, including high performance team management

Together, I work with my clients to organically build trust, address the issues facing them, and develop solutions that will work for them and their colleagues. For example, I’ve worked with:

  • A SVP of HR at a private, multi-national company to strategize best/worst case scenarios addressing sensitive personnel issues. We worked to ensure appropriate opportunities for a problematic employee while maintaining overall business imperatives and personal integrity.
  • A mid-level manager within a highly visible and highly politicized State University administrative organization to lead her matrixed team (and her supervisors) more effectively using positive influence versus positional power. This required understanding the key organizational players, teasing out and addressing historic biases, clarifying appropriate personal and organizational boundaries, and ensuring established processes were followed.
  • A multi-business owner to reallocate time and resources among three businesses to best align with her personal passions, strategic interests and financial growth expectations while maintaining a seamless positive experience for her customers. 

Contact me here for my rate for individual clients and for project rates for corporate-sponsored clients (fees are dependent on number of clients, expected length of engagement and scope of work required). 

Strategic Marketing & Communication Consulting

After studying at the Annenberg School for Communication at Penn, spending 8 years in TV news and 17 years working in pharma strategy and marketing, I’ve learned a thing or two about crafting high-impact messages, appealing to target audiences, delivering elevator pitches, and creating engaging presentations and multi-channel promotional campaigns. 

Here are a few examples of recent work I’ve done:

  • Co-wrote an online group healthy eating challenge program that has been used by hundreds of people to lose weight, increase energy, reduce bloat, improve mental clarity, and improve general overall wellbeing through proper nutrition, exercise, and self-care practices. Included a 50-page program guide; quick-start guide; 77 clean-eating recipes; and handouts for self-care, food diaries, meal planning, shopping list, and restaurant options.
  • Revised a done-for-you program on holistic stress reduction by reorganizing and streamlining the program structure to make it user-friendly; enhancing the program content with expert findings and facts; adding promotional materials including infographs, memes, and launch emails; and refining sales page messaging.
  • Created promotional materials (content & design) including brochures, flyers, postcards, door hangers, freebies, and press kits.
  • Researched, wrote and designed powerpoint presentations for webinars and live meetings on a variety of health & wellness topics...

...and of course, I wrote hundreds of presentations and briefings for senior pharmaceutical executives, articles for Pfizer publications, and consumer-friendly content for pharmaceutical brand websites & brochures.

Contact me to discuss your consulting needs!

Flexible pricing options include hourly and project based fees, with special rates for existing 1:1 coaching clients.